About Us

Lyte offers an official ticket service for sold out events; we partner with some of the biggest names in the live entertainment industry to help eliminate the secondary market and save fans money when buying tickets to sold out shows. We work directly with promoters, artists and venues as an extension of the primary box office to give fans the chance to purchase official tickets to sold out events.

Job Description

The Fan Experience Specialist (FES) is a core component of the operations team and is ultimately responsible for maintaining customer relationships and any digital property that speaks directly to fans (i.e., Social Media, Customer Support Emails, etc.). This role is critical to the success of our larger community as it bridges the gap between the development team and the thousands of fans and event-owners who use our products every day. It is important for this person to be a strong advocate for the company.


Customer Support FES are expected to provide the best fan experience by promptly attending to fans on both our support and social media pages

  • Must become familiar with all of Lyte’s internal tools to independently address fan issues expediently.
  • Expected to communicate effectively with all inbound customer support inquiries, keeping consistent with the voice of the brand and the expectations of our clients.
  • Develop organizational elements to implement a process for maintaining a positive fan experience

  • Social Media FES are responsible for managing and updating all social media accounts
  • Oversee day-to-day social media, customer service emails, tracking common issues with software and product development
  • Develop and launch paid advertising campaigns
  • Create goals and performance metrics for campaigns
  • Derive insights about our Clients and implement best marketing practices
  • Report weekly to the Operations team with actionable insight and campaign updates
  • Monitor trends in social media tools, channels, designs and strategies
  • Analyze campaigns, create plans for revising social media, search engine optimization (SEO)

Optimization — FES are responsible for diagnosing and troubleshooting common issues run into by customers & tracking this information

  • Work closely with the Operations team to track integrations with each account
  • Diagnosing issues a fan is facing using our service and troubleshooting with the Engineering team for escalated issues
  • Updating Content Management System (CMS)
  • Update the FAQ page regularly

An Ideal Fan Experience Specialist Candidate Must:

  • Experience in social media and digital marketing
  • Knowledge of social media platforms and customer support platforms
  • Exceptional human relation skills
  • Ability to build and execute digital campaigns
  • Be patient, keep a positive attitude and know how to manage stressful/frustrating situations
  • Be motivated and have high energy with a focus on learning, growing and contributing to team success
  • Have great attention to detail
  • Have a sense of urgency
  • Be organized and thorough
  • Be able to properly prioritize tasks
  • Have exceptional time-management skills and prepared to work on-call nights and weekends as required
  • Supportive of team objectives
  • Be able to take direction and be guided
  • Know how to resolve conflict/issues and communicate with the Lyte team and customers