About Us

Lyte offers an official ticket service for sold out events; we partner with some of the biggest names in the live entertainment industry to help eliminate the secondary market (StubHub, Scalpers, unofficial ticket providers, etc.) and save fans money when buying tickets to sold out shows. We work directly with promoters, artists and venues as an extension of the primary box office to give fans the chance to purchase official tickets to sold out events.

Job Description

The Operations Analyst (OA) is the backbone of the operations team and is ultimately responsible for the success of each Lyte-enabled event. OAs carefully address the needs of our clients (event organizers of festivals, club/stadium shows as well as artist managers) while serving as the experts, champions and caretakers of our products. This role is critical to the success of our larger community as it bridges the gap between the development team and the thousands of fans and event-owners who use our products every day. This is not an entry-level position.


Optimization/Operations — Each OA is a Lyte-enabled event’s guardian who optimizes for revenue and inventory on a daily basis to serve our clients.

  • Prioritize and focus on all active Lyte-enabled events and track growth.
  • Be detail oriented.
  • Support clients with the right resources, ensuring seamless fan and box office experiences when doors open.

Client Relationships — Each OA is the client’s point of contact for all things related to their Lyte-enabeld events, responsible for providing the resources and advice needed to improve event and account performance.

  • Proactively guide clients through the onboarding funnel and dynamically review the effectiveness of each touch point.
  • Respond to client’s needs promptly or ensure that another team member is able to do so. OAs must plan for contingencies when unavailable (scheduled or emergent).

Research — Each OA is Lyte’s client champion and should be the team’s lead for all client/industry information.

  • Research and be familiar with every Lyte client that he/she is owning.
  • Maintain a mastery of Lyte’s consumer experience in order to effectively communicate to clients how their customers will be using the platform.

Reporting — Each OA is Lyte’s primary source for Lyte-enabled event and client performance reporting.

  • Utilize data processing tools (Excel, Google Sheets, BI tools etc.) to regularly report to clients the performance of Lyte-enabled events and provide insights for optimization.
  • Must be very comfortable presenting (both in-person and remotely) performance reports and improvement strategies to clients and the operations team.

An Ideal Operations Associate Candidate Must:

  • Keep a positive attitude and know how to manage stressful/frustrating situations
  • Be motivated and have high energy with a focus on learning, growing and contributing to team success
  • Have great attention to detail
  • Be eager, yet patient
  • Have a sense of urgency
  • Be organized and thorough
  • Be attentive and know how to prioritize tasks
  • Have exceptional time-management skills and prepared to work on-call nights and weekends as required
  • Supportive of team objectives
  • Be able to take direction and be guided
  • Know how to resolve conflict/issues and communicate with the Lyte team and clients

Key Technical Skills

  • Strong Microsoft Excel skills, able to create and analyze pivot tables and charts.
  • Strong written communication skills able to stakeholders in a clear and concise manner.
  • Strong analytical skills. Able to digest and discern data from many sources and create a data driven narrative.
  • Knowledge of Google Suite
  • Knowledge of CRM’s a plus